The present document constitutes the specific terms of sale under which Enovos Luxembourg S.A., a Luxembourgish company with registered office at 2 Domaine du Schlassgoard, L-4327 Esch-sur-Alzette, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, registered with the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Registry under number B 44.683 (“Enovos”) sells its service “enodrive GO” to customers. By purchasing an enodrive GO service, the customers accepts the present specific terms of sale which form an integral part of the purchase contract regarding the enodrive GO service. In the scope of the contract, Enovos acts as charging service provider (“fournisseur de service de charge”) as defined by article 1 d) of the Grand-Ducal regulation dated December 3rd, 2015 regarding public infrastructure for electric mobility.

1. Definitions

1.1. “Chargy” is the name of a network of 800 public charging stations including an IT platform in Luxembourg to be installed until 2020. The Chargy charging points are visible via the “Chargy” logo. Please find more information under

1.2. “Chargy OK” is the name of an additional charging infrastructure in the Chargy IT platform. The Chargy OK charging points are identified via the “Chargy OK” logo.  Please find more information under:

1.3. The Verkéiersverbond mKaart Chargy offers access to mobility services. It allows the customer to activate different services on a unique card, to choose freely which services to add, and to access other mobility services such as access to the bicycle mBox from Verkéiersverbond, access to P&R or Chargy charging stations.

1.4.  “Electric Vehicle” means any electric or Plug-In Hybrid electric vehicle.

1.5.  “Validity Period” has the meaning ascribed to it in section 3.1.

2. Service description of the enodrive go

2.1. enodrive GO is a prepaid service allowing its owner to charge electricity into his Electric Vehicle at a predefined Enovos tariff and at all Chargy and Chargy OK charging points in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

2.2. enodrive GO services can be purchased with an MKaart Chargy or charged directly on a customer’s existing MKaart Chargy.

2.3. The enodrive GO service contains an amount of kWh which can be consumed by the customer at all Chargy and Chargy OK charging points in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

2.4. Under certain conditions and additional costs, it is possible to add additional access rights to a separate charging infrastructure to the mKaart Chargy with the enodrive GO services. The charging infrastructure needs to fulfill certain technical requirements therefore and Enovos needs to liaise with the owner of the separate charging infrastructure. Should the customer be interested in adding a specific additional charging point to the enodrive GO service, than please contact Enovos at:

2.5. After purchasing an enodrive GO service in combination with an mKaart Chargy, it is possible to charge transportation tickets with the Luxembourg transportation authority.  Please find more information under:

2.6. The locations of all Chargy and Chargy OK charging points until 2020 can be found under

3. Validity of the enodrive GO service and service switch

3.1. The enodrive GO service is valid until 31.12.2022 (“Validity Period”).

3.2. It is possible to switch from enodrive GO service to enodrive ZEN service according to the latest conditions of the enodrive ZEN service. Unused kWh credit still available for the enodrive GO service at the time of the upgrade will however be lost for technical reasons and Enovos therefore encourages customers to use their enodrive GO kWh credit before they switch.

4. Responsibility

4.1. Enovos provides only the enodrive GO service but is not responsible for the Chargy or Chargy OK charging infrastructure. The customer has to contact Chargy if he has problems with the Chargy or Chargy OK charging infrastructure. Hotline support for the Chargy network is not covered by the Enovos hotline. The telephone number of Chargy may be found on the relevant charging points. Chargy services, contact details & information can also be found on the website of Chargy (

4.2. Enovos is not responsible for the availability of the Chargy and Chargy OK charging points.

4.3. Enovos, as charging service provider, is not responsible for the characteristics of the electricity made available at Chargy and Chargy OK charging points.

4.4. Enovos is not liable with respect to additional third party services added to the mKaart Chargy.

4.5. Enovos is not liable in case of loss or burglary of the mKaart Chargy. The customer has the obligation to inform Enovos immediately of any loss or burglary of the card and the card will be blocked. The customer may purchase a new card but the credit of the lost card will not be refunded or transferred on the new card.

4.6. The customer is reliable for misusage or improper use of the enodrive GO services.

5. Governing Law and jurisdiction

5.1. These specific terms of sale shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Luxembourg law or with the law of the country where a consumer customer has his/her habitual residence.

5.2.  If Enovos and the customer are unable to reach an amicable settlement of a dispute, they agree to submit any disputes arising from the conclusion, construction, performance or termination of these specific terms of sale to the courts of the city of Luxembourg, in case of a consumer customer, to the forum of the competent jurisdiction pursuant to the applicable rules of judicial competence for consumer if different.