Starter Kit Apartment

Equip your apartment and get a cash back of 100 euros!

Do you live in an apartment and want to save money on your heating costs? It is now possible to save energy without neglecting your comfort. enosmart tado offers thermostatic valves that you can adjust separately depending on your needs.

In order to encourage you in your energy efficiency efforts, enoprimes refund you 100 euros on your starter kit Apartment 4 valves!

In order to benefit from this offer, nothing could be simpler. Simply return the completed and signed card below and the invoice you will receive by email with your order confirmation to Your refund will be processed within 4 weeks.*

Check your heating!

Do you want to set the temperature of each room individually? Do you want your bathroom to be heated when you wake up, or to be 18 degrees in your bedroom and 21 degrees in the living room when you get home from work?

enosmart tado° will replace all your thermostatic valves, adding geolocation functionality, the ability to remotely control temperature and an advanced schedule. All this, for each of your radiators, according to your needs and desires.

*Offer limited to one refund per individual or household, within the limits of available stocks.

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