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enodrive go: The prepaid account for occasional users in Luxembourg

You own an electric car and you would like to be able to recharge it throughout Luxembourg? With the enodrive recharging services linked to the mKaart Chargy mobility card, you can access all the public terminals of the “Chargy” network. If you charge your electric car mostly at home or at work and only use public charging stations occasionally, enodrive go is right for you. ATTENTION: from 1 October 2021, the new SuperChargy tariff will no longer allow you to recharge your vehicle with an enodrive go prepaid card. To take advantage of access to SuperChargy terminals and the e-roaming network, opt for our enodrive zen package.
go S - 100 kWh

Prepaid card enodrive go

enodrive go S

34.50 incl. VAT